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Wykaz prowadzonych kursów w SDK


  1. Bridge resource management 1300PLN
  2. Bridge team management 2000 PLN
  3. Practical Training in Handling of Large Ships with Unusual Manoeuvring Characteristics 3800 PLN
  4. Basic Safety Training in Personal Survival Techniques – refreshment 220 PLN
  5. Basic Safety Training (Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Elementary First Aid, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities) 800 PLN
  6. Training in Shipboard Safety Officer 700 PLN
  7. Ice navigation 2000 PLN
  8. Training in International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention Familiarization (ISM CODE) 400 PLN
  9. Training in Company Security Officer 700 PLN
  10. Training in Port Facility Security Officer 700 PLN
  11. Proficiency for Ship Security Officer 650 PLN
  12. Basic Safety Training in Elementary First Aid 200 PLN
  13. Training in Medical First Aid 350 PLN
  14. Training in Medical Care 500 PLN
  15. Training in Dynamic Positioning BASIC 5000 PLN
  16. Training in Dynamic Positioning ADVANCE 6000 PLN
  17. Training in Didactis for Instructor – 500 PLN
  18. Utilizing of Radar and ARPA Operational Level – 950 PLN
  19. Utilizing of Radar and ARPA Management Level – 950 PLN
  20. Training in the Operational Use Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems – 1000 PLN
  21. Training in Crowd Management 150 PLN
  22. Training in Crisis Management and Human Behaviour 300 PLN
  23. Safety Training for personel providing direct service to passengers in passenger spaces on board passenger ships 150 PLN
  24. Training in Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity on ro-ro passenger ships 400 PLN



  • Officer of the watch 6500 PLN
  • Chef Mate  3000 PLN/ 6500PLN
  • Master Mariner 2000 PLN



  1. Basic Safety Training in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting  - basic - 250 PLN
  2. Basic Safety Training in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting  - basic - refreshment  170 PLN
  3. Training in advanced  Fire Fighting  - advance - 400 PLN
  4. Training in advanced  Fire Fighting  - advance – refreshment 200 PLN
  5. Training in Oil and Chemical Tanker Familiarization 250 PLN
  6. Training in Liquified Gas Tanker Familiarization 170 PLN
  7. Advance Training in Oil and Chemical Tanker Operations 400 PLN
  8. Advanced Training in Liquified Gas Tankers Operations 400 PLN
  9. Advanced Training in Chemical Tanker Operations 400 PLN
  10. Training in Hazardous Cargo Carriage on Vessels 310 PLN
  11. Training in engine Room Resource Management 1700 PLN
  12. Training in operation and maintence of main propulsion other than marine disel engines 3500 PLN
  13. Proficiency in Security-Awareness 200 PLN
  14. Proficiency for seafarers with designated security duties 200 PLN
  15. Training in operation and maintenance of power systems in excess of 1kV 2500 PLN



  • Engineer Officer in Charge of watch
  • Second Engineer Officer
  • Chief Engineer Officer
  • Electro-technical Officer

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Medical Care odnowienie!!!

15.09.2017 - Kurs Medical Care odnowienie


Kurs ITR

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KURS Zintegrowany (Basic Safety Training)

25.09-02.10.2017 - Najbliższy termin kursu zintegrowanego!!!



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